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Designed and developed by Dr. Greg Burkett Board Certified Avian Veterinarian

The AviStraint is a safe and humane method of avian restraint. It is used for temporary restraint to allow safe examination, grooming, and other procedures commonly performed on pet, and other, birds. It can also be used on patients post-anesthesia to prevent injurious wing flapping during recovery. It is not intended for long-term adornment or restraint and it should not be used for tethering or flight prevention. It is also not intended for protection against or to deter from feather damaging behaviors and other self-mutilation.

We recommend that owners do not restrain their own birds. Pet birds can become distrustful of owners when handled this way; some birds forgive, others do not. Good parrot-owner relationships are totally dependent on trust.

Special thanks to Gena Everhart of The Cozy Parrot for her vital role in the development of the AviStraint.

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