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Tricks & Training

Your Bird is a very intelligent creature (in fact I have met some that were smarter then some people, but thats another story!). Keep their interest, keep them thinking. These aids will help.

Foraging and Educational toys can be found here also.

Whether it is products from Feathered Phonics or any of our other Bird related DVD's or products your Birds will be entertained, challenged and kept busy for hours.

Feathered Phonics
Good Bird Inc, Train Your Bird to Talk
Regular price: $20.27
ON SALE: $19.46
Pet Tapes Canary Album
Regular price: $16.38
ON SALE: $15.72
Captive Foraging DVD
The next best thing to being free.
Regular price: $19.49
ON SALE: $18.71
Leather Elves - DVD - Enriching your Parrot's Life
Regular price: $19.66
ON SALE: $18.87
Foraging Aids
Avian Studio DVD Companion Bird Vol II
Regular price: $19.75
ON SALE: $18.96

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