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AviStraint Small
Avian Restraint Jacket

AviStraint Small<BR>Avian Restraint Jacket
AviStraint Small
Avian Restraint Jacket
Item# ASS
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Product description
Fits: Black-headed caique, Blue-crowned conure, Cockatiel, Dusky-headed conure, Gold-capped conure, Green-cheeked conure, Half-moon conure, Jendaya conure, Lories and Lorikeets, Maroon-bellied conure, Mitred conure, Nanday conure, Painted conure, Peach-fronted conure, Poicephalus, Quaker parrot, Red-fronted conure, Red-masked conure, Sun conure, White-bellied caique, White-eyed conure, and similar sized birds

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