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Wingdow Value Proposition:

Pet birds are fascinated with windows for many reasons. They are drawn by the sunlight for warmth and nutrition. They are drawn by the view of the activity outside. Our products facilitate this attraction. We provide safe, comfortable perches in windows that also protect expensive woodwork, while providing an aesthetic display of the bird’s natural beauty.

Wingdow Quality:

This is all we care about. Your best friend will be using our products and we simply will make that bird safe and happy. We will not risk the bird’s health by using cheap hardware, for example. We personally inspect every piece we receive from our vendors as we pack your shipment. Our prices are driven as an output of the quality level we establish.

Wingdow Products:

Our signature product, Wingdow™ Seat is a perch for pet birds specifically designed for use in the window of the interior of your home or office. It is made of durable, bird-friendly clear plastic molded for strength and ease of cleaning. It protects the window from soiling and chewing and provides a place for the bird to sit that is safe from cold drafts in winter.

The Wingdow™ Seat comes in 3 sizes

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