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Roudybush Lory Diet/Nectar 15 Bird Food

Roudybush Lory Diet/Nectar 15 Bird Food
Roudybush Lory Diet/Nectar 15 Bird Food
Item# Roudybush-Lory-Diet-Nectar-15
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Product description
15 lb

This diet is lower in sugar than other brands of nectars, so switching a bird from another brand of nectar sometimes requires adding a small amount of powdered sugar to the diet and slowly eliminating it to convert the birds. Less sugar is helpful to reduce incidence of yeast infections that lories are prone to due to the high sugar diets they are commonly fed. Some people grind up the maintenance pellets into a powder or convert their birds to maintenance crumbles. Lories do very well on the maintenance diet. Feeding pellets, crumbles, or dry powdered Lory Nectar will result in drier, easier to clean up droppings, making lories that much more pleasant to live with. Although some people use the Lory Nectar to handfeed lory chicks, we recommend using Formula 3, which provides a little higher protein needed for growth in the chicks and eliminates the sugar that could lead to yeast infections.

Also: Formulated for hand-feeding hummingbirds from 0-3 weeks of age; it contains 15% protein. Not for use in Hummingbird feeders.

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