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The Percher

The Percher
The Percher
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Product description
The Percher bird perch is a new and simple way to interact with birds while being protected from poop and bites. The Percher is a hand-held or free-standing device that allows a bird to perch and be trained.

From avian professionals to first-time bird owners, the Percher offers assistance when dealing and training our sometimes unpredictable feathered friends. The Percher¨ also addresses the issue of bird displacement and helps birds stay in homes instead of rescues and sanctuaries.

The Percher is made up of four component parts -- perch, cone, handle, base -- that twist and lock together which allows for multiple configurations all in one product. Because the Percher is portable, users can enjoy their birds anywhere and at arms length without the threat or mess.

Designed to become part of any bird owner's everyday routine, the Percher is a versatile product that easily assembles into a hand-held or free-standing device which makes it portable and extremely useful.

The Percher is a training tool that provides a fun and safe way to enhance the interaction between the bird and the human. It's The Bird!¨

Features: Hand-held or free-standing One product, six configurations Gathers the waste

Advantages: Simple to use Easy to clean Portable and compact

Benefits: (Human Benefits) Not being bitten or pooped-on Great for travel Training too.

Benefits: (Bird Benefits) Out of the cage In control Get attention

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