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Mango Parrot Bath Spray

Mango Parrot Bath Spray
Mango Parrot Bath Spray
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Product description
A bath spray specially formulated for your Parrots. 8 ounces. Pamper your friend.

It's no wonder Mango Parrot Bath Spray is preferred by birds everywhere! We don't add additional skin clogging oil derivatives like other sprays they call preening oils. We think birds have enough preening oils of their own.

What our spray provides is a light blend of naturally occuring essentials fatty acid oils in Omega oils", then blended with aloe, sweet anise. All meant to complement your birds bathing needs.

The final product is a soothing moisterizer that soothes skin," washes away dead skin cells and....reduces the itches.

Mango Pet Parrot Spray is recommended for medium to large birds except for Cockatoos and African Greys . Special formula's have been made for these birds.

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