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Scenic Jungle 2 Lbs.

Scenic Jungle 2 Lbs.
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The elongated shaped food looks like a "Cheeto". It is approximately 3/4 inch in length and 1/4 inch in diameter. This shape is for Parrots who like to hold their food with their feet before eating. Some of the birds that will enjoy this food are Cockatoos, Macaws, Amazons and Greys.

You may add fresh fruits and vegetables to Scenic Bird Food when you offer it to your bird. A significant advantage to feeding Scenic is that you can mix it with the fruits and vegetables or feed it alone. You do not need to add vitamins or mineral supplements to our foods.

If Scenic is fed in a separate cup and kept dry it can be left in the cage for twenty-four (24) hours. If it is fed wet or mixed with fruits and vegetables it should be removed before bedtime.

The storage of our food is simple and easy. Store the food in a cool and dry location like a pantry shelf. After opening the bag, transfer the contents into a plastic storage container that has a good airtight lid. Do not use metal storage containers to store the food.

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