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Henny Penny Treat 15lb

Henny Penny Treat 15lb
Henny Penny Treat 15lb
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Product description
Henny Penny Treat is a nice blend that includes Cracked Corn, Peanut and Sunflower Chips.

Directions Feed this treat any way you or your birds prefer! By hand, in a dish or on the ground-it's sure to be a treat! Provide plenty of Henny Penny Treat for your chickens, ducks, geese & turkeys as it encourages their natural pecking instincts. Henny Penny Treat is a treat, not a complete feed so be sure to supplement their diet with age appropriate products. Keep fresh drinking water nearby and don't forget to reseal the package and store it in a cool dry place.

Ingredients Millet, Safflower Seed, Wheat, Corn, Shelled Peanuts, Shelled Sunflower Seed.

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