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Harrison's High Potency Fine 5lb

Harrison's High Potency Fine 5lb
Harrison's High Potency Fine 5lb
Product description
High Potency by Harrison's

Support your bird's best health with high-potency nutrition! Premium, certified organic avian diet for birds requiring critical nutrition in times of transition. Serve this delicious veterinary-formulated diet during periods of healing, weaning, breeding, molting, or when switching from seed-exclusive diets. Conures, lories, quakers, cockatiels, lovebirds and other small to medium parrots will also benefit year round. Formulated to protect your bird from artificial preservatives with only course-ground sunflower seeds, barley, soybeans, peanuts, green peas, lentils, corn, rice, alfalfa, spirulina, and other wholesome ingredients. The only high potency avian diet so nutritious, little or no supplementation is required!

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