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Flight Suit Lanyards

Flight Suit Lanyards
Flight Suit Lanyards
All Sizes up to & incl. X-Wide
Product description
The Lanyard is designed for medium-sized birds and fits FlightSuits from Jr. Small to Large. The 18" length is ideal to slip on your wrist or over your head.

Are the FlightSuit leashes safe? Yes! In fact, if used correctly Avian Fashions' Leashettes, Lanyards and AnchorLines will make your bird's time outdoors safer. The following tips may be helpful.

* Make certain that the FlightSuit and leash are securely in place and properly applied.

* When you or your bird sense danger, hold the bird close to your body with one hand on the harness as well as the leash, securing the bird and preventing it from bolting.

* Never leave the bird unattended with the harness and leash on. It is not safe to tie the leash to something and walk away. If you need to set the bird down, try to be quick and hold the end of the leash at all times.

* Do not carry a larger bird on your shoulder while outdoors, you could get a face bite if the bird is startled. Instead, carry the bird securely under the crook of your arm like a purse, or hold it on your hand with your thumbs over the toes to prevent bolting.

* Never jerk the leash. If the bird does bolt, it will go to the end of its leash and then settle to the ground naturally. Don't pull on the leash unless you know that the bird will land in danger (like into a dog's mouth!).

* Inspect the leash before each use. Check to see that the snaps are working correctly and that there is no damage that may weaken the leash material.

* Buy a leash color that contrasts with your bird. It is easier to see a red leash on a white bird, allowing you to visually confirm if a snap has come loose.

* Consider using a cat collar around your wrist to secure the handle of the leash and prevent it from slipping off of your hand.

* Holding a bird with your thumb over the toes gives you greater control when you carry the bird and helps to prevent them from bolting from your hand.

* Be careful that you don't catch the leash on a protruding object.

* If you feed the bird while it is wearing a leash, make certain that there is room for the crop to expand.

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