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Flight Suit Colossal

Flight Suit Colossal
Flight Suit Colossal
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What is a FlightSuit? FlightSuits are cleverly disguised, soft, stretchy, reusable pet bird diapers. They allow your feathered friends out of their cages both in and out of the house; worry-free from embarrassing accidents (poop) or dangerous fly-aways. Easy to put on and take off. Great for travel. Breathable, easy to clean fabric. Use them over and over for years. The patented "poop-pouch" safely keeps droppings away from birds and you.

Aren't FlightSuits just bird diapers? Yes and no; most "diapers" are disposable while FlightSuits are not! The term "diaper" is often associated with negative connotations: messy, smelly, constricting. None of these apply to FlightSuits, which are reusable, attractive and sporty. Plus, with the addition of a leash they are much more!

Doesn't the bird waste touch or stick to the bird? No! The beauty of FlightSuits and the feature that made them "patentable" is that they safely contain the poop AWAY from the bird!

Are FlightSuits reusable? Yes! One of the FlightSuits' best features is that they are indeed reusable - indefinitely!

This reusable bird diaper (FlightSuit) collects droppings in the patented poop-pouch and keeps droppings away from you and your bird anywhere, anytime. Just insert a disposable FlightLiner in the poop-pouch to extend use and cut down on the need to wash. Use with the leash system (Leashette, Lanyard or Anchorline) to enjoy time outside of the cage and to prevent dangerous "fly aways" perfect for travel!

Due to health concerns for your Pets, Bird clothing and leashes/harnesses are not returnable. Please contact us with any questions regarding size prior to ordering. FlightSuits are not to be used with Ducks and Geese. Your Bird should be supervised at all times and need at least 3-5 days of conditioning time before wearing this product.

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