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FeatherBrite Parrot Lighting

Full Spectrum lighting has been shown to be beneficial to birds by mimicking a bird's natural environment. Breeder aviaries, exotic bird collections and poultry production farms were some of the original places that full spectrum lighting was used and observed to demonstrate a definite positive effect.

These lights have a non-toxic powder coat finish. All of the FeatherBrite lights are handcrafted with superior workmanship and quality. Made in the USA.

The Full Day/All Night lights offer full spectrum daylight and a blue LED moonlight for night all together in one light. This light is great for those birds who experience "Night Fright".

All lights include a FeatherBrite full spectrum bulb.

FeatherBrite lights are designed with your pet bird's health and safety in mind.

The light shade is handcrafted using aluminum.

A durable, non-toxic powder coat is used.

The built-in light diffuser distributes the light evenly throughout the cage.

A stainless steel safety wire extender is attached to hold the electrical cord a safe distance from the cage.

The new mounting design is stainless steel, lighter and makes the light much easier to attach to almost every style cage including cages with flat, dome, Victorian and play tops. Just attach the legs to the light, front to back or left to right, depending on your cage. Push the large loop through the cage bars are shown and that's it!

Super easy to clean !

Super easy to change bulb !

THIS IS AN ELECTRICAL DEVICE. A wire extender is provided to keep the electrical cord a safe distance from the cage and your bird. Please be certain that your bird cannot reach the cord. If you allow your pet to come out of the cage to play, unplug and remove the light from the cage. Do not allow them to play with the bulb or with the electrical cord. FeatherBrite is not responsible for any damages if these directions are not followed.

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