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Ele-Waiter Foraging Bird Toy

Ele-Waiter Foraging Bird Toy
Ele-Waiter Foraging Bird Toy
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Product description
Ele-Waiter Foraging Bird Toy
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This is sized for medium to small parrots like African Greys and Conures, due to the smaller size of the shelves.

It's called the Ele-Waiter because it moves up and down and serves food (or whatever you place in it)! Small items will fit.

SOLID aluminum and stainless steel, your Bird turn the "helicopter" arm to slowly lower and expose the three shelves you've put treats in. It takes a total of about 20 revolutions to lower all three shelves. Suitable for all small to medium Birds

SOLID aluminum and stainless steel SOLID ABS ball on top Stainless mounting bracket


Constructed of solid stainless steel, aluminum and solid ABS plastic, completely safe for your Bird.

Great fun and mental stimulation for smaller sized parrots

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