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Crazy Corn

As of June 12th 2017 it appears that Crazy Corn has gone out of business. Here are some alternative products that are similar.

Roudybush Soak and Feed

Volkman Featherglow Soak & Simmer 2lb

Volkman Featherglow Soak & Simmer 20lb

Volkman Featherglow 15 minute Soak & Serve 2lb

Volkman Featherglow Soak & Serve 15LB

(Treat) Volkman Featherglow Fruit and Nut Goodies 2lb

Today's NUTRITIONALLY SAVVY CUSTOMERS demand a quality NATURAL BROAD diet for their pet birds.

50 enticing MOSTLY HUMAN GRADE Ingredients such as pistachio nuts, cashews, 4 kinds of peppers, whole grains, generous fruits like papaya, peaches, pineapple, banana chips, veggies, pasta shapes, legumes, healthy herbs like ginger and garlic.. more! GENEROUSLY HANDPACKED!

Simply cook up a big batch, freeze excess for MONTHS of CONVENIENCE. Easily combat dangerous seed-only diet malnutrition.

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