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Busy Box Bird Toy

Busy Box Bird Toy
Busy Box Bird Toy
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Indestructible Aluminum and Stainless Steel

GIVE YOUR BIRD A JOB !! Busy Birdís mechanical and foraging parrot toys are built to last for the life of your bird. Constructed of solid anodized aluminum and some stainless steel, our toys are safe, durable and lightweight. They are chemical and dishwasher safe- the colors wonít wash away or fade. All toys with wing nuts and hex nuts are hassle-free, as they wonít come off their bolts. The thread at the end of the bolts are altered, so your feathered friend canít get them off and you donít have to ďforageĒ around the floor of the cage to find them.

Cage mount or Hang

Brilliant colors

For medium to Ex-large Birds

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