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Indoor / Outdoor Aviaries
While some view bird cages as a necessity or commodity with sometimes little attention given to the pets' point of view; we think of bird cages as habitats. Our indoor/outdoor aviaries give you the space benefit for even large species while at the same time provides you with as little as inch bar spacing needed for smaller pet birds.

Additionally, more and more veterinarians and pet bird behaviorists are starting to teach something that we've known for years. And that simple truth is that it is exceedingly healthy for your pet birds to have an outdoor environment that they can live and thrive in for at least regular periods each day. In many, many cases undesirable traits like feather picking and excessive screaming have been minimized or even totally disappeared.

These aviaries install with a clamp that allows panels to be easily assembled anywhere. Now, with the advent of the new clamp kit, panels can be built that can be assembled upon arrival. With this clamp kit no tools are needed and Parrots and Primates cannot disassemble.

Let us show you how bird cages can be beautiful, functional, and affordable!

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