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Bottlebrush Play Gyms

Bottlebrush Play Gyms
How much have you spent on chew toys for your parrot in the last month? How about the past year? Some people prefer not to think about it. That dollar amount can be overwhelming, especially if you own a large Cockatoo or Macaw.

But what if there was one toy that would replace all of those bulky, expensive wood toys that end up in splinters in the bottom of the cage? And what if that one toy would last for a year or more and the perches were replaceable? Would you buy it? The branch assemblies of Wayne’s Bottlebrush play gyms and Wayne’s Bottlebrush perches are designed to be treated as one great big chew toy and are replaceable.

Bottlebrush play gyms and perches last for a surprisingly long time.

These are custom stands. Please allow for up to a week for shipment.

So what’s so great about this Bottlebrush stuff, anyway?

Bottlebrush Floor Play GymIn order to appreciate Bottlebrush for Birds, you need to understand the other types of wood that are available to Parrot owners. Currently, Manzanita is the most popular wood for Parrot Play Gyms. It is a beautiful and extremely hard wood that grows abundantly in the desert of Nevada. This makes it great for Parrot owners, but, unfortunately, it is not so wonderful for our Birds. Manzanita is extremely slippery, and most Birds have trouble holding on to it. In order to correct this problem, some manufacturers have tried sand blasting the Manzanita, which gives it a clean look and a slightly rougher texture. Admittedly, this does allow your Parrot to grip the wood more easily.

However, it is still not ideal for Birds, and it ignores a larger problem: the hardness of the wood. Manzanita is a very, very tough wood. It is marketed as a wood that will stand up to large beaks and lots of wear and tear. This sounds great at first, but your Parrot’s natural instinct is to chew. When your Bird tries to chew on Manzanita, he will quickly become frustrated. The wood is so hard that Parrots will not be able to break it, and may even injure their beak during the process. When this frustration builds, it can easily turn into behavioral issues.

Bottlebrush is a decorative landscaping tree that is commonly used in shopping centers, professional office complexes, and apartment communities. It is not native to Florida, and was originally imported from Australia. There are several species of Bottlebrush, but only one species is safe and ideal for Birds. It is also not available commercially, so Wayne personally harvests, inspects, and cleans his supply of Bottlebrush perches. Perches are cleaned using a proprietary tried-and true process that not only cleans but also sanitizes the Bottlebrush so that it is safe for your Birds. Why does Wayne go to all that trouble? Because Bottlebrush is the ideal wood for all Birds and Parrots!

Bottlebrush PerchesUnlike most wood, Bottlebrush Perches and Bottlebrush Play Gyms have two layers. The outer bark is soft, chewy, and easy and comfortable for birds to stand on. Your Parrot’s feet were designed to naturally mesh with the bark of trees and allow them to move about effortlessly. Wayne’s Bottlebrush Bird Cage Perches, Wayne’s Bottlebrush Bird Toys, and Wayne’s Bottlebrush Parrot Play Gyms retain their natural bark which is exactly what Birds crave! Parrots need to chew, and the bark of Bottlebrush Perches is absolutely perfect for that. Underneath all that lovely soft bark is the hard inner layer. This layer is tough enough to allow your Bird to gnaw on it, but will not damage or injure his beak. All Birds need to be able to gnaw on a tough (but not too hard!) wood in order to keep their beaks conditioned and shaped. Gnawing is probably the most over-looked part of your Parrot’s play time. Many Bird owners do not realize that their Bird wants to groom its own beak but has no way to do so! Waynes Bottlebrush Parrot Play Gyms, Wayne’s Bottlebrush Bird Toys, and Waynes Bottlebrush Bird Cage Perches are the solution to this problem. When other woods are too hard or too soft, Bottlebrush is perfect for Parrots who need to both chew and gnaw.

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