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Bottlebrush Floor Play Gym Large - Model 1

Bottlebrush Floor Play Gym  Large - Model 1
Bottlebrush Floor Play Gym Large - Model 1
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Product description
Bottlebrush Floor Play Gym  Large - Model 1

This version of the large Parrot Play Gym is specifically designed for Long-Tailed large Macaws such as Blue and Gold Macaws, Green Wing Macaws, Great Green Macaws (AKA Buffons Macaws), Scarlet Macaws, and Military Macaws. There is only one vertical Bottlebrush post so that when your Parrot moves around, the long tail feathers rarely brush against the vertical post (thus reducing the risk of damaging the long tail feathers). There are over 7.5 feet feet of usable Bottlebrush perches, aesthetically and functionally placed on this play gym. All stands include 2 screw-in cups, and have several screw-eyes installed at the end of the perch for toys. Requires minimal assembly.

The trays are made by hand applying FORMICA (not melamine) to 3/4" plywood, then finished with an aluminum edge. This tray (measuring 35" x 22") is then connected to another FORMICA tray (with wheels) on the base by using two unfinished landscape timbers as pedestals.

This 2-tier stand is perfect for keeping your birds where you want them - on top of the play gym, not crawling down the stand with bad intent (i.e., destroying your couch or biting the dog).

Parrot Playgym Stands requires minimal assembly.

Approximate dimensions of the playground: 35" wide x 22" deep x 54" high

•Top perch measures approx. 32"

•Includes 2 cups, eye hooks for toys, and stand as shown

These are custom stands. Please allow for up to a week for shipment.

Select your Bird Wood Size

* XS = Tiels, Lovebirds, Parakeets, etc.

* S = Sun Conures, Senegals, Quakers, etc.

* Med = African Greys, Macaws, Small Cockatoos, etc.

* Lg = Umbrella Cockatoos, Blue & Gold Macaws, etc.

* XL = Moluccan Cockatoos, Hyacinths, Hybrids, etc.

All perch sizes are approximate since this is a natural wood product and variations occur.

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