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Window Alert Decal Leaf 4/pack

Window Alert Decal Leaf 4/pack
Window Alert Decal Leaf 4/pack
Item# WA00003
Product description
Window Alert Decal Leaf 4/pack
Problem: Wild birds flying into windows and dying from the impact. Tragically, millions of wild birds die this way every year.

Solution: WindowAlert is a static-cling or low-tack adhesive decals that are applied to the exterior of glass windows. A special component in each decal brilliantly reflects ultraviolet light, which birds can see while humans cannot. The decals act as a neon stoplight for birds. WindowAlert decals are available in Hummingbird, Butterfly and Maple Leaf shapes. Order Now

Stop birds from crashing into windows with WindowAlert static decals. Each decal brilliantly reflects UV light which birds can see, while humans cannot. Available in Maple Leaf, Hummingbird and Butterfly shapes.

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