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Guide to the Quaker Parrot

Guide To The Quaker Parrot
Guide To The Quaker Parrot
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All about Quakers. The Quaker parrot is becoming one of the most popular companion parrots as bird owners discover that it is easy to train, has a colorful and endearing personality, and often develops human speech imitation almost spontaneously. This volume provides the details of parrot behavior training, best begun when the bird is still in its baby stage. Patterning and positive reinforcement are applied to balancing human and territorial bonding, maintaining status in the pecking order, and "potty" training. The author also gives general advice on cages, bird toys, grooming, diet, and protecting against household accidents. Potential problem areas are also discussed, including aggressive behavior, molting, excessive noisemaking, and sexual behavior. There is a special chapter on physically imperfect Quaker parrots, advice on recapturing escaped birds, and background information on Quakers as pets in Brazil. The text is enhanced with dozens of full-color photos and line art.

Paperback / 128 Pages / 6-1/2" x 7-7/8" / 1997

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