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Goldenfeast Caribbean Bounty 10lb

Goldenfeast Caribbean Bounty 11lb
Goldenfeast Caribbean Bounty 11lb
Item# GFCB9a
Serve dry or cooked. Over 25 ingredients. A delicious blend of vegetables, nuts, and fruits for all medium to large parrots. The creme de la creme of nutritious treat foods
Product description

Serve dry or cooked.

Ingredients:Dehydrated apples, diced papaya, roasted almonds, unsalted roasted shelled peanuts, dehydrated carrots, cherries, white pumpkin seed, cashews, diced pineapple, mangos, cranberries, banana chips, shelled filberts, shelled macadamia nuts, pine nuts, dehydrated blueberries, whole dates, roasted in shell unsalted pistachios, shelled walnuts, dehydrated strawberries, pepitas (shelled pumpkin seed), jumbo flame dehydrated white grapes, dehydrated peaches, dehydrated zucchini, freeze dried garden peas, sweet peppers, dehydrated (cooked) red beans, dehydrated sweet potatoes, dehydrated (cooked) pinto beans and dehydrated (cooked) black eyed peas.

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