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Golden West BAG O'BUGS 40Z

Golden West BAG O'BUGS 40Z
Golden West BAG O'BUGS 40Z
Item# GW01212
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Product description
This is the "Original" natural insect formulation for all exotic birds. This food has solved many breeding and feather problems with finches that require an insect diet, but do not receive it because of all of the problems associated with live food and its feeding. Each bag contains dried flies, fly larvae, fly pupae, crickets, and ground ant eggs. This mix is very easy to feed, effective, and affordable. BAG OŇ BUGS is definitely a key element in any complete breeding program. During breeding, or as a trigger for breeding you should use BAG OŇ BUGS daily in a separate feeder. You may also add BAG OŇ BUGS to regular seed mixes or sprinkle it over fruits and veggies to help encourage "finicky" birds to feed and breed!!

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