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Parrot Wrapz

This Clothing Line was designed NOT to inhibit nor restrict any natural movement or bodily function. Your Parrot can WALK, CLIMB, PLAY, and DEFICATE with no restrictions nor interference with the Parrot's innate behavior - that's what makes this clothing design so "Wonderful"!!

The Wrapz allow you to dress your Parrot, with style and fashion, for any holiday or occasion, with silk screen sayings to compliment your Parrot's personality.

The Wrapz also provide protection against the elements of weather, and allows you to dress your Parrot accordingly for those cold winter days and those warm summer nights.

Further, the Wrapz cover your Parrot's chest and back, which is the primary plucking area, and provides safe and comfortable protection for your Parrot so that plucking may be prevented or minimized.

If your Parrot has plucked itself, the Wrapz come in soft fabrics, including cotton, jersey and fleece to provide protection and warmth due to the lack of feathers.

The Wrapz come with "INTERCHANGABLE CAPES" that attach to the back of the shirt with Great Ease to further provide protection and fashion.

First, place one of your Parrot’s wings through the oblong hole. Next, place your Parrot’s other wing through the second oblong hole. Third, wrap the shirt around your Parrot’s chest. The velcro will secure the fit. Then, choose as many adorable Capes as you desire. Just attach the Cape to the back of the Wrap (shirt). Again, the velcro will secure the fit.


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