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Bottlebrush Play Gym toy

Bottlebrush Play Gym toy
Bottlebrush Play Gym toy
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Product description
Add a bottlebrush Playgym or Flexy toy to your favorite playgym or bird cage!

Bottlebrush Play Gym Toys attach easily to any Bottlebrush Play Gym by simply screwing them into the pre-installed hardware. They consist of a solid piece of Copper (not steel) as the center, onto which nice chunks of Bottlebrush wood, rawhide, and other goodies are placed for your Birds to enjoy. They also help make your Parrot feel more secure on his gym by giving him a little over-head cover. If you do not yet have a Bottlebrush Play Gym, you can still use our Bottlebrush Toys! Just request fender washers and wing nut so they can be bolted onto any cage. And, you can easily refill the toy by unscrewing the bottom section and refilling with vine balls, Bottlebrush Bag of Bird Toy Wood parts, Rawhide, or just about anything else you can slide down the copper center. Even if you have another type of wood bird play gym or bird play stand or activity center, you can still use this toy with a minor modification

Quote from Wayne:

"Here's the theory behind these toys. A bird standing in the top of a tree is life threatening from flying predators. Safety and security is in the tree, not on the tree. So, I developed this toy so your bird feels safe and secure when playing on his play gym. As an added bonus, these are great for chewing and gnawing, and great as an added play area on their play gym."

(NOTE-If you are buying the Play gym Toy, want to attach it to your play gym, and do not have a Waynes Play gym, just write a note and we will include a female adapter that you can drill into and install on your existing Play gym)

Made in the USA

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