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Bottlebrush Perches

Bottlebrush Perches
Bottlebrush is the ideal wood for all birds and parrots!

Unlike most wood, Bottlebrush perches and Bottlebrush play gyms have two layers. The outer bark is soft, chewy, and easy to stand on. Your parrot’s feet were designed to naturally mesh with the bark of trees and allow him to move about effortlessly. Wayne’s Bottlebrush perches and Wayne’s Bottlebrush play gyms retain their natural bark which is exactly what birds crave! Parrots need to chew, and the bark of Bottlebrush perches is absolutely perfect for that. Underneath all that lovely soft bark is the hard inner layer. This layer is tough enough to allow your bird to gnaw on it, but will not damage or injure his beak.

All birds need to be able to gnaw on a tough (but not too hard!) wood in order to keep their beaks conditioned and shaped. Gnawing is probably the most overlooked part of your parrot’s play time. Many bird owners do not realize that their bird wants to groom its own beak but has no way to do so! Waynes Bottlebrush play gyms and Waynes Bottlebrush perches are the solution to this problem. When other woods are too hard or too soft, Bottlebrush falls right in the middle making it perfect for both chewing and gnawing.

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