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Bottlebrush Flexi Toy

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Product description
Bottlebrush Flexi Bird Toys come with one Quick Link in the center and a loop on both ends in case you’d like to add another. They were designed to hang underneath the topmost branch of any Wayne’s Bottlebrush Parrot Play Gym, but they will easily hang inside any large Bird Cage as well. The Bottlebrush Bird Toys have a sturdy yet flexible metal core – no chain! This allows the Toys to be molded into just about any shape. For larger birds with long tails, the Bottlebrush Play Gym Toys make great bird swings (whether inside a cage, or on a Waynes Bottlebrush Bird Play Gym) when bent into a “J” shape. This prevents your Parrot from ruining his tail when he gets on or off the swing.

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