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Bottlebrush Bags

Bottlebrush Bags
Bottlebrush Bags
Item# bottlebrushbags
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Product description
We have a hard time keeping these bags in stock! Bag weighs approx. 3.2 pounds, but we stuff as many inside as we can!

These small Bottlebrush chunks and twigs are GREAT hand toys for parrots of all sizes.

They also make wonderful additions to existing bird toys (simply attach with bird-safe rope, sisal, hemp, you name it...) and they are perfect for creating your own bird toys as well! Bottlebrush wood is far superior to other types of wood on the market because it actually allows your bird to gnaw. Other woods are always too hard or too soft, but Bottlebrush fits right in the middle. Gnawing is what allows your parrot to shape and condition his beak - keeping him happy, healthy, and beautiful.

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