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Acrobird T Stand 14in

Acrobird T Stand 14in
Acrobird T Stand 14in
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Product description

A newly acquired parrot requires a bit of training. One of the most important accessories you will purchase is a small T stand or training perch.

The first step in training a parrot is taken by providing a secure place to perch and relax where food and water are available.

This is where your bird will learn to accept treats from your hand, play with foot toys and learn the “step up command”. A young parrot learning to step up is much like a puppy learning to walk calmly on a leash; once the animal understands the command and associated response he will execute it throughout his lifetime.

The Acrobird T- Stand fills this need, for small birds without the distractions of swings, ladders or toys.

Be patient, go slowly and remember that parrots are extremely intelligent and social creatures, once they feel secure with you and their environment they learn quickly.

Durable hardwood construction. Appropriately sized dowels for small birds Laminated base for easy cleaning. 2” base molding to aid in retaining debris. Two food and water cups included. All hardware included, Easy to assemble.

The Small Acrobird T Stand Is Appropriate for Budgies, Tiels, Small Conures, Ringnecks, Small Parrots i.e. Senegals and Similar Size Birds

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