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Acrobird 24 in Carousel

Acrobird 24 in Carousel
Acrobird 24 in Carousel
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Product description

There are certain parrots that just can’t get enough play activity. Following a few minutes of antics and acrobatics they take a break and sit quietly, often indulge n some brief preening. Suddenly they’re at it again, hanging upside down, swinging frantically from any available moving object, and then a moment later they “chillin out” as they say.

The all natural 24” Acrobird Carosel is perfect for this type of parrot. Each side of the 24 inch hexagonal center column has a 6 inch perch, these serve as a spiral staircase leading to a top mounted perch. This playgym also has a heavy plastic climbing and a swing, accessible from a base mounted diagonal ladder. Because these highly active individuals are generally voracious chewers all perches including the swing are ribbed plastic.

Durable hardwood construction Appropriately sized perches for large birds Wedge assembled, no glue Laminated base for easy cleaning ¾ “ x 2” hardwood base molding Two food and water cups Easy to assemble

The Acrobird 24” Carousel Is The Perfect “Out of the Cage” Play Area For Those Energetic and Charasmatic Parrots such as Double Yellow Heads, Yellow Napes, and Blue Fronted Amazons, Giffins, Ducorps or Rose Brested Cockatoos, As Well As Any Larger Parrot With A Similar Personality.

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