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Zupreem Low Iron Softbill 2.5lb

Zupreem Low Iron Softbill 2.5lb
Item# ZU4420
Product description
Zupreem Softbill 2.5lb

ZuPreem® Low-Iron Softbill Diet is formulated specifically for iron-sensitive, adult, non-reproducing toucans, mynahs, toucanets, aracaris and other iron-sensitive softbills. These species are often predisposed to iron-storage disease, which is likely the leading cause of death in these species. This diet is scientifically developed to provide guaranteed low levels of iron, as well as balanced levels of other important nutrients necessary to maintain good health.

* Lowest guaranteed iron levels (no greater than 80 ppm) in the industry * Extruded pellets provide consistent nutrient levels derived from wholesome, high-quality ingredients * Round, naturally tan colored pellets with an enticing tropical fruit flavor and aroma for an enjoyable eating experience * Natural plant sources of dietary pigment enhances vibrant plumage colors * Proper protein and fat levels in every round pellet * Fortified with proper levels of important vitamins and minerals and no supplements are required * Naturally preserved with Vitamin E and other natural preservatives

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