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Sandy Perches

Sandy Perches
100% non-toxic! Our Sandy Perch products are 100% non-toxic! The natural tree limb shapes are great for your birds' feet - something concrete can not be! (What's in concrete, anyway? ... does that have an FDA approval?)

The Magnet Myth? Magnetic perches? Perches with Magnets? Numerous studies have been done trying to prove that magnets can have medicinal effects on the human body. In fact, many books have been written on the subject. There is still a considerable amount of conflicting evidence concerning such claims ( fact, most of those supporting such claims also seem to be the same ones that are selling them...). As of yet, however, we are unaware of any studies that have been done on birds and their positive or negative effects. Feel free to experiment with your bird.

No crack, chip, or shatter! Our Sandy Perch products won't crack, chip, or shatter if dropped so you don't have to worry about your pet's environment. They're tough enough to survive our world but work great as a natural addition to theirs! When you want the very best for your pet, get Sandy Perch - your bird will love you for it!!

Cleaning How to Clean Sandy Perch Products and Accessories: Clean up is so easy with Sandy Perch Products! Unlike regular concrete and morter-type perches, the unique Sandy Perch coating is non-porous so guano and other stains cannot penetrate and cause discolorations. With just a quick scrubbing with a regular soft scrub brush, your favorite cleanser or soap and some hot water and Sandy Perch products clean up quickly and are ready to be returned to the cage.

Sandy Perch 14" Jumbo
Regular price: $27.99
ON SALE: $27.15
Sandy Perch 12" Large
Regular price: $22.99
ON SALE: $22.30
Sandy Perch 8" Mini
Regular price: $14.99
ON SALE: $14.54
Sandy Perch 12" Medium
Regular price: $20.99
ON SALE: $20.36
Sandy Perch 12" Small
Regular price: $15.99
ON SALE: $15.51
Sandy Perch 5" Extra Small Mini
Regular price: $12.99
ON SALE: $12.60

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