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Camicide Classic Formula 1 gal

Camicide Classic Formula 1gal
Camicide Classic Formula 1gal
Item# CAM4050
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Product description

Not being manufactured at this time due to a shortage of a main ingredient.

When this product becomes available again we will announce it via our NEWSLETTER (join now), FACEBOOK PAGE (be sure to like us), and on our BLOG (have you perused the great articles yet?)

In the meantime we do offer an all natural Pesticide hundreds of customers have been happy with, Mango Control Aviary Spray

A safe cleaner. Camicide contains Pyrethrins, known to be the safest way to manage pests in your bird room. Camicide Insecticide is a natural insecticide produced by certain species of the chrysanthemum plant. Camicide is safe to use around pets, though we suggest removing birds from areas while spraying and ventilating area well.

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