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All pet bird owners need certain bird supplies for their feathery friend!

  1. Appropriately sized cage
  2. Cage lining (newspaper is best)
  3. 3-8 Perches (Therapeutic, Wood, Rope, Heated, Shower and Dowel types)
  4. The right Food for your specific pet bird
    • Grain products
      • Pellets
      • Whole Grains
    • Vegetables & Fruits
    • Dairy & Meat
    • Treats
  5. Full Spectrum Lighting appropriate for Birds
  6. 3 or more appropriate Toys for your pet bird
  7. Bird-safe Cleaning supplies
  8. Food and water Dishs
  9. Travel Cage Especially the Wingabago
  10. Cage Covers
  11. Avian Veterinarian
Wingabago Large
Regular price: $218.95
ON SALE: $186.99
Zoo Max Low Table Perch Small
Regular price: $36.39
ON SALE: $33.99
Seed Corral No Mess Feeder
Regular price: $14.55
ON SALE: $11.99
Poop-Off 16 oz. with Brush
Regular price: $10.29
ON SALE: $9.69
Control Aviary Bug Spray Gallon
Regular price: $41.59
ON SALE: $37.99
Bird Kabob Carnival Swing
Cozzzy Covers
Regular price: $54.95
ON SALE: $49.95
FeatherBrite Large Lighting System
Regular price: $159.99
ON SALE: $147.99
AVIx Sunshine Factor 4oz
Regular price: $14.55
ON SALE: $14.11
FeatherBrite 15w Bulb
Regular price: $36.99
ON SALE: $35.99
Good Bird Inc, Train Your Bird to Talk
Regular price: $20.27
ON SALE: $18.52
We have been happily serving the needs of our customers since July of 2007. Prior to that we were raising and weaning Parrots. While we no longer raise Parrots, we count many satisfied customers who we are more then happy to share our knowledge and experience with.

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We are proud to offer the finest Bird Supplies. We carry many major brands of Bird food, Bird cages, Bird toys, Bird perches, Bird leashes, Bird playstands, Bird carriers and so much more!

We want to be your one stop shop, if you don't see it, let us know. We are here to be YOUR Bird Store. Thousands of satisfied customers purchase their Parrot Supplies from us, find out why!

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